Kotobukiya Cookie Policy

We care about your privacy and respect your rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We have established this Cookie Policy to inform our customers about how we use cookies and similar technologies on our website ( https://kotobukiya.co.jp/ ). For details regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to our privacy policy .

1. What are Cookies and Similar Technologies?

Cookies are small text files or information that are stored on your computer or mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) when you visit our website.
Cookies usually contain the name of the website or application from which the cookie originated, the duration of the cookie (i.e. how long the cookie remains on your device), and a number, usually a randomly generated unique number. It contains.
We may also use similar technologies that serve similar purposes to cookies, such as pixel, script or flash cookies, but they do not store text files on your device.

2. Types of cookies used by the Company and purpose of use

We use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

3. How to manage your cookies

You may, for example, where legally required, access strictly to the functionality of the website by us or by third parties (analytics partners and adtech partners) through cookie banners or footer links displayed on our website. You can choose whether or not to allow the setting of unnecessary cookies.
If you do not want cookies to be used or set, you can use your browser settings to delete cookies that have been set on your device or prevent new cookies from being set on your device. .
Browser manufacturers provide help pages on how to manage cookies in their product browsers. See below for instructions on how to manage cookies in the most common browsers.

For other browsers, please refer to the documentation provided by your browser manufacturer.
If you wish to opt out of certain third party cookies only and are able to do so, please follow the instructions in the link above.

Four. Contact information

If you have further questions about how we use cookies, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

Five. Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may periodically change our cookie policy for a variety of reasons. For example, we may change our cookie policy if the technology used on our website changes or to comply with changes in applicable laws and regulations.

External services that use cookies

On our website, for the purpose of improving convenience, including service proposals based on analysis of customer behavior, and statistically grasping the usage situation, we use information about the source of the visit before the customer accesses our website. Domain name, date and time of customer's access to our website, customer's IP address, information on customer's use of our website (access history within our website, category of products viewed, etc.) This is hereinafter referred to as "behavioral information".), we use cookies for the customer's presumed attributes, gender, interests, interests, etc., and perform data analysis using the following external services. When data is provided to the external service, it is processed so that the customer cannot be identified.
In addition, when the information is no longer needed, we will promptly delete it.

The acquired information will be handled based on the privacy policy of each company. Customers can stop or resume the provision of information by performing the prescribed operations in accordance with the procedures established by each company. You can also stop providing information through the use of cookies by disabling cookies in your browser. Please note that if you change your browser settings to refuse the use of cookies, you may not be able to use all or part of the functions of our site. Please note.

Please refer to the link below for the handling of behavioral information by each affiliated company.

Google Analytics

* Our website and third-party distributors such as Google Inc. above combine first-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics cookies, etc.) and third-party cookies (e.g., Google advertising cookies, etc.) to We use it to analyze the attributes, interests, and interests of customers who visit the site.
In addition, in the same way, we combine other first-party IDs and other third-party IDs for the purpose of improving convenience, including service proposals based on analysis of user behavior, and statistically grasping usage conditions. We may use it.

6. Cookie settings


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