Commemorating the release of Lumitea! I will review the product basics!

Merry Christmas! Hello! I'm in charge of PR for Arcanadea!

Today is [Christmas Eve]! How are you all doing...!
...Well, let's make a plastic model...

On December 22nd (Wednesday), the first [Arcanadea] "Lumithia" was finally released !

It has been very well received, and we apologize that it has become difficult to obtain.
In January 2022, we have decided to announce the reproduction, so if you didn't get it this time, please give us another chance!

As such, Lumitea is scheduled to be reproduced in [January 2022]. Isn't it!

This article is recommended for those who

  • This part of "Lumitea" is amazing! point
  • Be careful here when assembling Lumitea! point

I would like to introduce you.

"Yurumitia" will appear everywhere, so please keep an eye out and take a look at the points of interest !

I received Bachi-P's hot baton pass, so I would like to do my best to write a blog!

⬇ Then go ahead! ⬇

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Start with normal mode!


Last blog "Finally unveiled! After the Lumitea product package was released, many people responded on SNS, saying, "This box is thick from the first release...!"

Lumitea is a kit that can be assembled by recombination of "Normal mode" in the body state and "Willize mode" in the armed state in one package .
Especially in "Willise Mode", the wings are bigger and the armor around the suspension is increased, so the silhouette changes completely, so this amount of parts is a satisfying volume! Just by looking at it, you can see how well it fits together!

head parts

This is a runner with hair parts.
Hmmm…. this is…!

Even though he's a short-haired character, the parts are very detailed! ! !
That should be it... Look at this back hair part!

In order to reproduce this three-dimensional effect, [8 parts] (excluding the base part) are also used...
You can really see how serious the designer is...!

There are many sharp and pointed parts, so be careful not to poke your fingers!

And the part that I wanted to tell everyone how good it is!

That's the ear!

please look! Split this part!
If there is one left and one right, it tends to be a very small part, but what a one-piece!
Even those who want to customize their ears will appreciate this!

We are waiting for the sample!

And don't forget face parts!

Lumitea comes with 4 facial expression parts!
One up!

What do you think! The fineness of the eyes of this tampo printing!
The image of the eyes of Mr. necömi, who drew the character illustration of Lumitea, has been incorporated into the plastic model as it is!

To borrow the words of an in-house developer...

"There's a universe in your eyes..."

terrible! I talked too much with just my head. Next! Next!

body parts

Don't worry about parts around the torso!
The gold and white parts around the hip joints are pre-painted parts , so it's a good point that the details can be improved even with just the unassembled parts! The golden texture is also luxurious and very nice!

The 4 parts on the front side of the skirt are also articulated! (Details will be explained in Willize mode!)

And here is what I want to raise as a discerning point! !

Another painted part is this neck ribbon!
When trying to color-code paint on a very detailed part, the size makes me a little nervous...

but it's okay! The factory workers have finished it with beautiful paints, so even a "non-kneader" like me can feel at ease !

leg parts

It was also introduced in the past Arcanadea live stream,

[Arcanadea] Introducing the first knee joint mechanism!

I will introduce the internal structure by removing the parts on the front side of the thigh!
The second image above is the parts used for the knee joint. While keeping the leg lines beautiful when the legs are extended, the range of motion can be expanded by pulling out the joint parts when bending the legs !

When you bend your legs like this, you pull out the axis, so there's a lot of clearance!

And your feet are amazing!

In order to reproduce the standing pose of the illustration as it is, the gold on the tip and the black on the sole are color-coded.

Be careful when attaching the legs!

The parts around the waist are very delicate and the hip joints are quite stiff, so be careful not to damage the parts when assembling!
It was easier for me to attach the skirt part by holding down the base of the skirt part as much as possible and pushing the bearing of the hip joint diagonally upwards!

* This method is not guaranteed, so please try the method that is easy for you.

Don't get me wrong...

Did you notice the image above? That's right!

I forgot the gold thigh ring! ! ! ! ! !

Don't forget everyone!

engagement ring parts

When talking about Arcanadea, you can't miss this part!

yes! [Engagement ring parts]!

This part does not have a pin to fix it, so it will be fun to fix it with a little ingenuity!

There is a dent like this on the back of the ring, but if you put a kneaded eraser on it and put it on your head, it will be stable! Please try it!

* Please note that leaving it as it is for a long time may lead to parts damage.

display base parts

The plastic model of the Arcanadea series comes with a special display base !
The base of the arm can be selected from a cylindrical type and a ball joint type , so you can use it according to your preference! It's a point that makes me a little happy!

Here are the 3 images above... you get the idea...

Each motif of [Seraph], [Demonic tribe], and [Phantom beast tribe] appearing in the Arcanadea series is designed!

Furthermore, this exhibition base. There is also a behind-the-scenes story that Arcanadea Producer Bachi-P himself created it using CAD. You can do anything... it's amazing!


Normal mode complete!

Let's move around a little and play!

Posing with a sharp face is fun, but this "funny smile part" is the cutest and irresistible!

Let's switch to Willize mode!

Well, next is the true value of the Arcanadea series! Let me introduce you to Willize Mode!
First of all, don this! ! !

I tried arranging the parts list when switching to Wirise mode!
Since there are so many parts, the image will change completely when you transform into Wirise mode!

leg armor parts

(Hey, it was hard to line up...!😅)
This color coding! I'd love to! I want everyone to see it! And I want you to team up and experience it!

The greatness here that you can understand by assembling! I thought, "Are you going to color-code that much?"

wing parts

Everyone please wait! The part that many people are most interested in in Lumitea is probably the [Wings]!

You can already feel the three-dimensionality and dynamism that makes you feel like you're about to take off from the runner!

The number of parts is 8 parts except for the base of the connection part. I think that it may be a little small, but the movement is amazing ...! This is a point that I would like you to experience for your hands!

And finally...!

Transform! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Birthday! ! Lumitea! Willize mode! ! !

I think you'll be able to feel the powerful and solid feeling that is different from the beautiful curvaceousness of the normal mode!

As for the movable parts of the legs, the 4 parts on the front side of the skirt are movable, so the legs have a good range of motion!

The action pose is also as you like!

Let's have some fun!

The wings give it a great sense of depth!
When I was taking pictures, I thought that Lumitea looks great no matter where you take it, so let's take a picture when it's finished! I'm sure you know how much fun it is!

Next time preview

I've been writing a blog so far after receiving a hot baton pass from Bachi-P, but in this flow, I have to pass the hot baton to the next person in charge...!

So next time notice!

Next time, Kotobukiya's [that person] will introduce an example of a modified model using "Lumitea"!

Kotobukiya's in-house genius of recombination , if you say interesting examples , that person!
I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of examples will pop out!

It will be updated around mid-January , so don't miss it!

Well, thank you very much for your long time!

See you next time!
Well then ~~👋



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