ARCANADEA Blog: Lumitea Product Specs Overview

Originally published in Japanese on May 27, 2021

Hello everyone! This is Ba-chi, the producer of ARCANADEA.

Did you catch the promotional video we released last week? What did you think?

The warm comments we received from everyone really thrilled the entire staff here. Thanks so much!

Perhaps the part that was most surprising was…


The Dears can eat food!

Unlike the characters from Frame Arms Girl or Megami Device, the Dears are living creatures, not robots or Battle Hobby kits, so wouldn’t it be great if there are fun food-related episodes in the upcoming stories?

Also, as you can see from the new video, they are the same size as characters from FA Girl and Megami Device, so there may be something related to this in the future…or maybe not?

As suggested in some of the comments we received, it will be interesting to see battle scenes, how their real world changed after the explosion at the research institute, and other aspects of this world. We hope to bring you all that and more as things develop, so we look forward to your continued support!

I’d like to bring together many of the bits of information that we’ve been releasing on Twitter and at various events, and bring you a comprehensive overview of the first release of the series, Lumitea. Some of the images are appearing for the first time here, so be sure to read through to the end!


Product Specifications


■ About the Size

Let’s start with the size.

Although the model is described as NON-scale, the height is planned to be close to that of FA Girl, slightly taller than Gourai and about the same size as Stylet.


This photo gives a good idea of the width of the model when the wings are folded. Note the range of motion in the wings; they can fold over and cover the front side of Lumia (short for Lumitea).

It had been a while since I last handled the paint masters of GOURAI-KAI and STYLET XF-3, and I’m impressed at how great these models still are.

The overall volume, sculpt, articulation, and customizability of the new model are all on par with these; and to think that Arcanadea exists thanks to these girls reminds me of the greatness of Nouchi’s planning and Shimizu’s sculpts.

(I’m too embarrassed to praise them in person, so I’ll just write it here; they probably won’t see it.)

I strongly recommend building one of these models if you haven’t yet. If you build Lumia after building these other girls, you’ll be able to appreciate the techniques that were passed down to the new model…or something like that. I guess… lol


Facial Expression Parts

Speaking of techniques that were passed down from the FA Girl series, the Arcanadea series parts will come with four different types of facial expressions pre-printed with tampography!

The four expressions we’ve created range from faithfully reproduced expressions in the original design materials to cute looks full of personality. Which is your favorite?


Focus on Articulation

By changing out certain parts, the model can portray either non-combat “Normal Mode” or the combat “Wilize Mode.” The Normal Mode features a simple and light design.

But the most interesting point is the leg joints, which feature an all-new design!

By incorporating pop out type double joints, the slender beauty of her legs is maintained when they are straight, as there are no visible joints or raised surfaces for articulation when viewed from the front.

When posing the legs, the joints can extend out to provide a sufficient range of motion, allowing the knees to pose into virtually any position.

So one of the model’s key points is definitely the way we’ve achieved both form and function!

And while we slightly changed the model’s pose in the images above, take another look at the waist from the photo above:

For the sake of clarity, I removed the parts behind the waist, but did you notice?

The feather-like skirt, which extends from Lumia’s sides down to her waist, has front pieces that are independently movable!

This allows Lumia’s legs to be posed in various positions without the skirt interfering, expanding your creative possibilities for posing! While it is a small point, this is the kind of detailed sculpt that you can expect to enjoy with the models of this series.

I really hope that you will be able to obtain one soon and enjoy both the sculpt and articulation.


Connection Points

Wilize Mode is for combat, so the model wears decorated armor. The characteristic wings are also enlarged creating a striking change into a model with an overall pure, sparkling appearance.


In Wilize Mode, the number of hard points has increased making more armor combinations possible.

Depending on the tactical situation, the large, decorated armor on her legs can be moved to her shoulders, for example.


As some of you have already noticed and mentioned, and as we’ve shown in some of the images, her iconic wings emerge from the magic circle on the back, and the connection points for the magic circle part and the main body use the same shape that’s in our HEXA G-R.A.M System.

If the connection point on the back were to connect with the large wings—or any other upcoming parts—via a round joint, the weight of the parts could cause them to easily rotate out of position to either side, so this was an area we needed to make especially rigid.

So it was necessary to create a polygon shape that would not rotate and could be firmly fixed at an angle. Since we had enough space in the design, we sort of adopted the HEXA G-R.A.M standard on the spur of the moment, as it would reinforce both strength and interchangeability.

Some folks have pointed out this link to our HEXA GEAR products in the comments, but those who also enjoy the world of HEXA GEAR can rest assured. Currently there is no relationship between the two series. We just hope you’ll enjoy the even greater possibilities that this part’s interchangeability provides.

As for the connection joints for other accessories and decorations, you’ll find the familiar 3mm joint that is also present in other Kotobukiya original plastic model series, allowing for great customization.


Mixing and Matching

I am sure many of you are already thinking of various ideas for customization, so I’m only going to share two examples to avoid spoiling the fun.

As we have already shown you in some previous images of the sculpt reveal, you can simply make your favorite girl into an angel!

I mean, a mecha girl in a bunny suit as an angel? She’s perfect!


With a little help from our M.S.G parts and HRESVELGR=ATER, we have a half mecha-girl design!

I think stuff like this is fun!

What’s more, two additional neck joint parts are included—one for FA Girl and one for Megami Device—so if you happen to have built either of those, you can enjoy customization with them as well.

The diameter of the ball joint for Lumitea’s neck is the same as those used in the FA Girl series, so some characters can be swapped as they are. Lumitea’s neck is designed a little shorter than characters from FA Girl, so the neck joint parts for FA Girl compatibility are slightly longer to fit some characters.


I had Gourai’s anime version head on hand and swapped it with Lumia, only to be surprised at how natural the combination came out.


The ____ can also be customized!

Well, we are almost at the end, but I’ll leave you with this last pair of images.

Did you notice the difference between the two? If you figured it out right away, that’s pretty amazing! You have great potential as a Dearmaster!












The answer is “ears!”


The theme of Arcanadea is “Science Fiction x Fantasy,” and there are many different species in fantasy settings besides angels and demons, right?

Some species have different ear shapes, some wear ear ornaments, and going forward some may even wear earrings or cuffs that match those of their masters, right??

So, with that in mind, the Dears’ ears have been designed as separate parts. For now, due to the shape of their hair and facial contours, we can’t guarantee that all characters will have fully customizable ears, but we thought that if we could make the ears as interchangeable as possible, it would help the owners of each model to bring out their originality in yet another way.

By the way! You know that cute demon-style character we revealed in an illustration we posted the other day? The one with the slightly pointed ears that have a heart decoration… They fit perfectly on Lumia, too!

Keep your eye out for more images coming in the future!



So, did you enjoy our introduction of new information and images covering Lumia’s features?

— Yes.

— Yes, I did.

— I can’t wait for her to arrive.

— That’s all I’m thinking about now!

To be perfectly honest, I feel the same way as everyone else does! Even I’m a little scared of handling this paint master – there’s only one in the world!

※ This photo with Lumitea on his shoulder was taken with a Kotobukiya employee who just happened to be around!


That’ll be all for today. Thanks for reading!



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